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Baton Rouge 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer

Almost 30 years of Highest-Quality Legal Representation and MILLIONS recovered for his clients.

Work with an experienced Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer to find out if you can be compensated for the injuries you suffered after a wreck with an 18-wheeler. Attorney Ed Kramer is an experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer. We also handle Ascension Personal Injury Claims as well as Livingston Parish and other surrounding areas.

Collisions involving large commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers and dump trucks nearly always mean catastrophic injuries and massive vehicle damage for the drivers of passenger cars and motorcycles. Sometimes, these accidents are fatal and the survivors consider a wrongful death lawsuit.

Healing from these injuries often requires significant medical care, which is expensive, and leaves many accident victims needing help to regain their life and financial stability.

The Law Firm handles big truck accidents, such as 18-wheeler crashes and wants to help you!

Read HERE on selecting the best truck accident attorney.  Truck Accident Attorney Ed Kramer has recovered Millions for his clients. He sincerely wants to help you too!

baton rouge truck accident lawyer

Investigating the Cause of Your 18-Wheeler Crash

Determining whether you have a case will require a full investigation into the truck wreck, often involving a “team” of experts. The Personal Injury Law Firm is one of the only 18-wheeler truck accident attorney in Baton Rouge who uses a “Team Approach” to handle your case.

Often the government, through the National Transportation Safety Board, will investigate these truck accidents as well. We are experienced in communicating with them to determine exactly what caused the accident.

Accidents with commercial 18-wheeler trucks are especially complicated when it comes to determining fault because of the large number of people and entities that are involved with operating, servicing and repair of an average 18-wheeler.

Common Causes of Semi Accidents

A proper legal investigation will uncover all of the parties who were at fault for causing your 18-wheeler semi wreck. For example, a few examples of potential causes that your Baton Rouge semi accident lawyer team will look for include:

  • Distracted Driving – Just like with drivers of automobiles, cell phone use, and other distractions while behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler can prove deadly.
  • Drowsy Driving – Driver fatigue often causes a significant number of collisions every year.
  • Unsecured Cargo – An 18-wheeler load can be lost and crash into oncoming traffic when either the restraint system fails due to a product defect or the cargo loader is negligent.
  • Dangerous Roads If a dangerous road condition exists, the government agency that maintains the road could be at fault.

Baton Rouge Personal Injury LawyerPersonal Injuries and 18-Wheeler Collisions

The injuries seen in 18-wheeler wrecks are often serious and can easily result in a disability for life. Not only how you got hurt, but how bad you are hurt make up your claim from a semi accident.

Your Baton Rouge semi-accident attorney and the various experts engaged, such as medical, accident reconstruction, rehabilitation, and other experts, will help make your case.

Listed below are some of the injury types that are commonly seen after semi truck wrecks:

Hiring a Baton Rouge Truck Accident Lawyer

With so many lawyers advertising for 18-wheeler accidents, you often don’t know who to trust. Settlement Mills are cropping up left and right, and you want to be sure that your contingency fee contract is fair.

As a Baton Rouge truck accident attorney, Ed Kramer will help you. Perhaps you have a claim for bad faith against the insurer of the 18-wheeler? It may be that more subtle aspects of your life such as memory or sexual function are affected.

Significant damage to your finances, from both future and past sources, may occur. These include current and future medical expenses, lost wages, costs of hiring caretakers, and cost of items to accommodate a new disability.

Contact the Law Firm to help you determine your rights.

How to Best Settle An 18-Wheeler Claim

The highest and best settlement of a claim starts with hiring an attorney who will prepare your case for trial. Often, settlement mills are looking for a quick check for a lower amount than your claim’s value. Sometimes, you may even be able to settle your own personal injury case, without a lawyer.

The Law Firm will do what the insurance company will often do to prepare your case to settle. We will most often utilize a custom team to thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case from liability for damages. We often use technology if required, such as computerized ‘day in the life’ videos, customized accident reconstruction demonstrations and even animated medical illustrations.

The insurer of the semi truck will do everything possible to blame for the accident on you. This attempt is because the more fault that you are responsible for, the less they’ll have to pay you.

It’s best to hire an experienced semi truck accident attorney who is not looking to settle your claim ‘on the cheap’ to pay massive advertising bills. law firm handles every case as if it were to go to trial.  This ‘trial ready’ stance helps you know that, if a settlement is to occur, it is for the very highest possible amount.

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