Railroad Personal Injuries in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Railroad Worker Injury

A railroad injury can be caused falls, amputations, head injuries, and exposure to diesel fumes and mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos. Railroad employees are protected by a 1908 law, the Federal Employer’s Liability Law (FELA).  It protects from the dangers associated with railroad work. Engineers, brakemen, switchmen, and all other railway employees are afforded protection under this law. Attorney Ed Kramer is an experienced Baton Rouge railroad accident attorney.

FELA is exclusive to railroad injury and is different from state worker’s compensation laws as well as personal injury laws. It is akin to the Jones Act Laws for injured seamen. Only slight negligence by the employer has to be proved to win your case and to claim damages under FELA. Further, if the employer violates a safety regulation, it may bar contributory fault on the worker’s part. A qualified personal injury lawyer in Louisiana with experience in railroad litigation, such as Attorney Ed Kramer, can help you.

Railroad Accident Injuries

Many railroad injuries are serious. Unprotected railroad crossings, badly maintained cars or tracks, mechanical errors, disregarding safety regulations, and driver error is responsible for a vast majority of such accidents taking place in Louisiana each year.  Chemicals inhaled from diesel fumes or diesel smoke over an extended period of time can lead to different kinds of asthma, mesothelioma, lung diseases, and various types of pulmonary disorders.

Faulty equipment, such as levers, ropes, couplings, cranes, and the like are often involved in these accidents.

Railroad Injury Laws in Louisiana

Railroad injury worker’s compensation under the Federal FELA laws supplants Louisiana Law in the area of railroad worker injuries. It is helpful for the lawyer for an injured railroad worker to use investigators and experts to help prove a case on behalf of the injured plaintiff.  There is also a time limit for filing of lawsuits, usually three years from the time of injury or death. In cases of diseases, there are further issues regarding the start of the three years. So, if you or a loved one have been hurt in this manner do not hesitate to call the InjuredGo.com Law Firm immediately.

Attorney Ed Kramer fought on behalf of an injured seaman under the Jones Act and won at the United States Supreme Court.  The case borrowed from the FELA Laws and found that his back injury from falling off a ladder was not his fault.  Watterson v. Mallard Bay.

Damages And Compensation

Some injuries are slight, but many are serious. Some can lead to a career ending disability. If there is a disability, the injured worker may be eligible for long-term disability benefits. There is an “occupational disability” benefit, which is paid out monthly. There is also a “total disability” benefit which is not. Benefits and compensation provided by FELA provide for more comprehensive payouts than those under a state workers’ claim.

A worker injured in a railroad workplace mishap is entitled to damages.  These damages include past and future lost wages, medical expenses, physical pain, and emotional suffering. FELA cases may be filed in either state court or federal court. The decision on which court to file your lawsuit in will depend upon various factors. The InjuredGo.com Law Firm can help you.

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