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Fire and explosion accidents

Firefighters battle a blaze and search for victims of a fire and explosion accident

Fire and explosion accidents occur annually in the United States. Thousands of people sustain an injury in fire and explosion accidents, and many are rendered severely disfigured, with hundreds dying as a result. Explosions and fires are caused by:

  • Faulty Appliances
  • Improper Wiring
  • Products that Fail
  • Chemical Plant Explosions
  • Operator Error
  • Other Causes

There are many reasons why these types of accidents take place. Often, negligence of some sort is involved and victims may have an actionable claim. Our expert witnesses can look at most any situation to find out exactly what happened, and stand behind it in court.

The use of expert witnesses is often crucial in a fire or explosion case. Attorney Ed Kramer began working on his first plant explosion case in 1989, which later settled for millions.

Pain and Trauma of a Fire or Explosion Injury

Victims of a fire suffer not only excruciating physical pain but also severe emotional trauma. For those who are lucky enough to live through a fire or explosion, the burn injury recovery process is often excruciating. In some cases, it requires round-the-clock care.

If you’ve been the victim of a fire or explosion, you’ve suffered enough. You need and experienced a fire, explosion and burn injury lawyer and team of experts on your side. Law Firm will help you.

A qualified personal injury lawyer in Louisiana will be able to analyze your situation and advise you on a future course of action.

Things To Do After Fire and Explosion Accidents

The first thing you should do is seek medical help. Also, you should call law enforcement and firemen to contain the fire and prevent further damage. If the fire destroyed your residence, you will need to make arrangements for housing. It is also essential to inform your insurance provider about the damages at the earliest time possible.

Often the American Red Cross will provide assistance.

Find out when you can return to the scene of the fire and explosions. This may be necessary if you have to claim any valuables from your property or start cleaning up. The insurance company representatives will also want to begin their assessment by visiting the site of the incident. This is also a good time to seek advice from an attorney on how to seek compensation.

Who is Responsible After a Fire Or Explosion?

Responsibility for fire and explosions injuries depends on the circumstances of the accident. Landlords, building designers, or architects may be held liable in the event fire alarms fail to work. Maintenance workers or security guards may also be held liable for negligence if the accident took place in an apartment complex or commercial building. If faulty wiring, improper installation of appliances, or use of sub-standard construction materials led to this issue, responsibility may fall on the contractors.

Liability may also fall on manufacturers of defective appliances or electrical fixtures. The victim may seek compensation for medical expenses, damages to property, lost wages, pain, and suffering. Also, the victim may recover punitive damages depending upon the nature of the accident. A person who has sustained severe injury may have to bring about certain lifestyle changes.

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