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Any U.S. seaman with an offshore injury or occupational illness may be protected under the Jones Act, which is a Federal Law protecting those working aboard a ship. If unsafe work conditions played any role whatsoever in the seaman’s illness or injury, he or she might qualify for financial compensation due to employer negligence. These claims often come under admiralty & maritime jurisdiction. Cases involving a Baton Rouge maritime injury claim are common because of the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River. Why travel to far cities when Baton Rouge Offshore Injury Attorney can help you locally?

Maritime Claim Negligence Often Involves Unsafe Conditions

Under admiralty law, unsafe conditions on a vessel may include:

  • Equipment failure
  • Grease/oil/water on the ship’s deck
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Assault by or negligence on the part of a coworker
  • Improper training of the ship’s crew
  • Dangerous work methods
  • Failure to provide crew members with proper equipment needed for routine job duties

The statute of limitations for filing a Baton Rouge maritime claim, may be as short as one year, or as long as three years, however, don’t wait — We want to help YOU!

You may have:

Attorney Ed Kramer wants to help you because he is experienced and seen most variations of a Baton Rouge maritime claim.

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Types of Vessels that May Qualify Crew for Maritime Status

There are numerous offshore vessels. Because of Federal Law, many of their crew is qualified for ‘Jones Act’ status if the crew member experiences a maritime personal injury. Under the act, negligence claims can be brought when an injury results from the careless acts of an employer or coworker. Ship owners can also be liable if an accident is caused by the unsafe condition of their vessel. And no matter how or why a sailor was injured, certain medical and living expenses must be paid.

Liability for Unseaworthy Vessels in a Baton Rouge Maritime Claim

Often, the substandard condition of a ship or vessel is the cause of a seaman’s injury, as opposed to the direct actions of the employer or another crewmember. In these cases, the “unseaworthiness” doctrine would apply to the claim. The owner or controlling body (corporation, etc.) of a ship or vessel has a legal duty to ensure it’s safe and proper working order. They must also ensure that it is properly equipped, and operated by a competent crew. If any of these responsibilities are not met, and a seaman gets hurt, the owner will be liable for the same types of damages available in a negligence lawsuit.

A Seaman’s Right to Maintenance and Cure

There is a called ‘maintenance and cure’ and it differs from other methods of obtaining wage and medical compensation, generally because it is owed if the seaman proves that the injury or sickness is work-related.  In this regard, maintenance and cure resemble onshore workers compensation laws.

If a seaman is injured, a claim for maintenance and cure is easier to prove, but the damages that are recoverable are less extensive than those if there is negligence or unseaworthiness of the vessel. Seamen must be paid a daily allowance to cover living expenses while they heal. Payment for medical expenses is also provided and must continue until the seaman reaches maximum medical improvement. These benefits can be collected in addition to any recovery for negligence or unseaworthiness liability.

Offshore Vessel Classifications

Ed Kramer of the Personal Injury Law Firm has years of experience handling these cases, therefore is familiar with Offshore work.

The types of offshore vessels are numerous. However, they are classified into four main groups:

  • Oil Exploration and Drilling Vessels
  • Offshore Support Vessels
  • Offshore Production Vessels
  • Construction/Special Purpose Vessels

All types of vessels comprise this category. However, it is just an example.

Oil Exploration and Drilling Vessels

Oil exploration vessels that help in exploration and drilling of oil at high seas are common because of the proximity of the Gulf of Mexico. The main types of oil exploration vessels are:

Offshore Support Vessels

There are many offshore vessels that provide the ‘lifeblood’ of the drilling operations.  It is dangerous work, and these vessels provide the necessary manpower and technical reinforcement required so that the operational processes in the high seas can continue without any interruptions. These vessels are called as ‘offshore support vessels.’

Offshore Production Vessels

Offshore production vessels are those vessels that help in the production processes in the drilling units in the Gulf of Mexico therefore, FPSOs (Floating, Production, Storage, and Offloading) are examples of this type of offshore ship.

Offshore Construction / Special Purpose Vessels

These vessels are those that provide anchorage and tugging assistance as well as those kinds of ships that help in the positioning of deep sub-water cable and piping lines. Dredges are also considered “special purpose vessels” however large or small, as long as they were on a navigable waterway when the injury occurred.

The main types are:

Variances of ships that provide aid ‘in the case of any emergencies’ occurring on the high seas, as well as those types of vessels that undertake to research and analyzing activities on the high seas are also included.

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