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Personal Injury Attorney Ed Kramer can help you decide if you have a case as well as help you to maximize your legally entitled compensation.  The expenses and difficulties caused by a car accident can pile up fast. Even a seemingly minor fender-bender can have a devastating impact on your health, finances, and ability to get to work. Baton Rouge car accident attorney Ed Kramer wants to help you by providing professional and precise legal services.

From the cost of repairing your car to the struggles you face in getting well again, an accident can have a huge impact on your life. This impact on your finances, health, and well-being can go on for a long time after the original accident. Having to deal with all these details, while still seeking help for your injuries can be daunting. Personal Injury Law Firm, and Ed Kramer, a Baton Rouge car accident attorney, can help you get your life back on track after an accident. We help you to receive fair treatment from the insurance company as well as prove that it is responsible for your damages.  A car accident can be caused by any number of factors, from reckless driving to aggression, distraction or even the influence of alcohol or drugs; no matter what the reason, we want to help you if possible.

We even pursue insurance bad faith claims on your behalf, if applicable.

Baton Rouge Personal Injury LawyerWhat to do After a Baton Rouge Car Accident?

If you have been in an accident, you should consider getting medical help for your personal injuries right away, even if your injuries appear minor. Damage to your head, back or neck may not be apparent right away, and delays could impact your health. Your doctor visits also help document the injuries caused and may be used to support your case later.

After you’ve seen a doctor, you should gather the available details and documentation about your case, from photos of the scene to the police report, and contact us. Every case is unique, and Baton Rouge car accident attorney Ed Kramer can help you determine the best course of action. If the crash was significant, we have licensed private investigators and others that we can call on to help with these details, which are very important to establish your case.

Distracted driving – or texting while driving – is often a common cause of car accidents today. From Big Trucks to small cars, distracted driving is a very significant cause of car accidents. Many Baton Rouge car accident injuries are caused by distracted driving.

How Will Help Me?

Before negotiating with the insurance company, attorney Ed Kramer and the team will gather evidence regarding your accident.

This may include:

  • Reviewing medical records from treatment you received after the crash
  • Reviewing police reports, crime scene reports, and photographs of the scene
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Using traffic camera footage, if available
  • Investigating the history of the other driver
  • Obtaining a recording of the 911 call
  • Examining photos of your car before and after the accident
  • Reviewing cell phone records
  • Studying accurate information and history on the vehicles involved

The team will use this information to demonstrate that the other driver was at-fault for the accident. This evidence will show that the other driver’s insurance company is therefore responsible for your losses. Insurance companies will want to limit their payout and, in many cases, will offer a moderate amount in settlement.  This offer may also lead to a claim of bad faith. If this happens, the Law Firm is ready to file a lawsuit on your behalf to recover the full amount of your damages.

Ed Kramer is Not a Typical Baton Rouge Car Accident Attorney Handling Typical Cases is not a “Settlement Mill.” We will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, seeking the maximum allowed under the law. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the team will help determine whether filing a lawsuit against the insurance company will help you recover more.

We don’t offer just a ‘quick check’ for less than full value for your case. In those cases, minimal lawyer work is required, and many times, the client’s case is not fully examined. These types of cases are most commonly associated with high-volume “Settlement Mill”  attorneys. At we are not a settlement mill.  We would like to help you if you are in a Baton Rouge car accident, or almost anywhere in Louisiana.

Louisiana’s “No-Pay, No-Play” Law

Being the victim of a car accident can require hospitalization, surgery, and post-surgery rehab. A crash can make you miss time from work or damage your car beyond repair. When situations like these occur, you deserve an experienced attorney who can represent your interests fully.

Louisiana Law Requires vehicle owners to purchase protection which, in the event of a crash, will cover the cost of damages to another to a certain extent. This Law is called the Louisiana “No-Pay, No-Play” Law.

The “No-Pay, No Play” law bars uninsured and underinsured drivers from collecting part of their damages. This part of their damages is the first $15,000 of bodily injury damages and the first $25,000 of property damages. In this case, even if the other driver is at fault, an uninsured driver will not be able to recover medical costs up to $15,000. Also, an uninsured driver would lose the first $25,000 in repairs.

However, there are exceptions to this rule so as to allow some uninsured drivers to recover in some cases.

Call Law Firm After Your Baton Rouge Car Accident

If you have been involved in an accident, we want to help. Contact us to learn more about your options and what to expect from your case. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. The Personal Injury Law Firm wants to help you!  Call today for a free telephone or in-person consultation.

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Baton Rouge car accident

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