The FDA Has Announced a Recall for Zimmer-Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Implant Due to High Fracture Rate

The FDA announced a Class I Recall of the Zimmer-Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Replacement Humeral Tray (Model 115340) because the devices are fracturing at a higher rate than stated in the labeling. The Zimmer-Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder medical device was recalled by the FDA on February 15, 2017. Fractures may require should revision surgeries which can cause severe adverse health conditions.

Biomet Comprehensive Shoulder Implant ComplicationsZimmer Biomet Reverse Shoulder Implant

It is estimated that over 50,000 Americans undergo shoulder replacement surgery each year to relieve joint pain and
restore arm movement. There are several types of shoulder replacement surgeries, including conventional and reverse shoulder replacement.  Sometimes, things go bad, and it is not the fault of the patient.

Usually, reverse shoulder replacement is performed in patients who have completely torn rotator cuffs or previously failed shoulder surgeries. Reverse implants rely on different muscles to move the arm than traditional implants and can help restore some motion in the patient’s shoulder area.

Sometimes, medical testing may be required to determine if your replacement joint is in proper working condition or not.  If it is not, there could be many complications caused directly by the implant.

The Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System by Zimmer-Biomet has been blamed for severe complications, including:

  • bone loss
  • device fracture
  • equipment failure
  • Repositioning/malpositioning
  • the need for additional surgeries
  • death

Individuals harmed by the Zimmer-Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System may be able to seek compensation. It is important to contact the Law Firm today at 1-225-933-1500, to receive a Free Consultation if you feel that you are a victim of a defective Zimmer-Biomet Shoulder Replacement.Zimmer Biomet Personal injury

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Recalled Product:

  • Product Description: Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System Humeral Tray Model 115340
  • Trade Name: Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Humeral
  • Product Code: KWS, PAO
  • Lot Numbers: All lots with part number 115340; See full list of lot numbers
  • Distribution Dates: October 2008 to September 2015
  • Manufacturing Dates: August 25, 2008, to September 27, 2011
  • Devices Recalled: 3662 personal injury law firm

 Have You Had Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

The Law Firm is currently reviewing potential product liability /medical device lawsuits for individuals who have failed Biomet Reverse Shoulder Implants or have experienced medical problems due to the Biomet Comprehensive Shoulder implant. Compensation may be available to those who qualify.

Filing a Shoulder Replacement Lawsuit May Help

Individuals who underwent revision surgery following fracture or replacement of a Zimmer-Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and more.  But, there is a limit to seek compensation.

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