Metal-on-Metal Hip Joint Replacement Failure

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At least 500,000 Americans have had hip replacement surgery and may have metal on metal implants manufactured by companies like Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Wright Medical Technology, Biomet and other manufacturers. The FDA has investigated and issued warnings about the possibility of failure of such devices. A hip joint replacement failure is more common that you may think.

Hip Joint Replacement

If you or someone you know are experiencing some of the hip replacement complications listed below, or if you already had your metal on metal hip implant replaced because of similar problems, we would like to speak with you to determine if you are due compensation for your injuries.

  • Failure of the metal on metal hip implant requiring early replacement
  • Dislocated hip
  • Leaking of toxic substances in your bloodstream from your hip implants like chromium or cobalt
  • Cancer
  • Degenerative Heart Disease or Cardiomyopathy
  • Loss of bone strength or structure which can result in bone fractures
  • Tissue death for any tissue surrounding the implant
  • Non-cancerous tumors or pseudotumors around the hip implant
  • Cobalt poisoning
  • Metallosis or metal poisoning due to chromium or cobalt particles from the hip implant leaking into nearby tissue or the patient’s bloodstream

Hip Joint Replacement


Hip Joint Replacement Failure Can Cause Pain

Metal on metal hip replacements has had reports of severe and debilitating side effects. Metal on metal hip replacement side effects include a higher risk of cancer due to toxic substances leaking from metal on metal implants, the degenerative heart disease cardiomyopathy, non-cancerous tumors surrounding the hip implant site which can cause pain, swelling inflammation and severe discomfort, and premature failure of the device requiring a complete replacement (ideally with a metal on plastic or metal on ceramic design.)

Tens of thousands of hip implant lawsuits have been filed by patients who suffered serious complications caused by failed devices.

Families who lost a loved one due to metal poisoning, cancer or cardiomyopathy may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit and payments from hip implant wrongful death lawsuits could amount to millions of dollars.

Also, spouses of those afflicted with defective or metal on metal hip implants may be able to sue for “loss of consortium” which roughly translates into the loss of intimacy with their spouse due to hip replacement complications. Recently, hip implant lawsuits had spouses of metal on metal hip implant victims listed as co-plaintiffs which may increase the award or settlement if they win their case.

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What Can I Do?

Thousands of hip implant lawsuits have been filed in state and federal courts nationwide. Plaintiffs are seeking compensation for medical expenses, wrongful death, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Manufacturers like DePuy, Stryker, Biomet, and others have already offered millions of dollars in hip implant settlements to resolve these cases. It’s important to speak with us to see if you are due compensation because of your metal on metal hip implant. Go for More

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