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A Motorcycle accident involving personal injury can happen at any time. A motorcycle driver is in far more danger of being severely injured or killed in an accident with a motor vehicle. Although many riders use the correct gear – helmets, rash guards –  even wearing all the proper safety equipment can’t prevent serious injuries from occurring with a full force impact with a car. Motorcycle accidents are often deadly. However, the surviving family may bring a wrongful death claim in some instances.

motorcycle accidentSome statistics, such as one by the National Highway Transportation Authority, show that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash than passengers of a car. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2013  there were 4,668 deaths from motorcycle accidents. These often lead to wrongful death lawsuits.

Often, you can become overwhelmed when involved in an accident that results in serious personal injuries. Motorcycle accident victims often wonder “whose fault is it that this happened to me?”  We can help you sort out what’s what and determine if there is a liability against the person or entity that caused the harm.

An insurance company immediately starts to protect itself after a motorcycle accident. They are most likely to obtain statements from you, any witnesses that they can find and others to try to prove that they are either not at fault, or to minimize their liability.

Further, insurance companies often hire experts – investigators, accident reconstruction experts – and others to help prove that you do not have a case. We suggest you call injuredGo.com Law Firm to obtain your own “team” of experts to help you prove your case, especially if it is a motorcycle personal injury case.

Injuries from a Motorcycle Accident

Dangerous road conditions often cause motorcycle accidents, and often, only involve one other vehicle.  As such, your motorcycle personal injury attorney is required to be skilled in handling this particular type of case. Often, the rider is taken to the hospital and the police can only surmise what happened by who is at the scene. The driver is often the only witness to a motorcycle accident, but a claim may still be made.

An insurance company can quickly overwhelm even the sharpest victim of a motorcycle accident.

Often, bike riders can sustain the following types of injuries most requiring medical assistance:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries & compression
  • Brain Damage
  • Loss of sight
  • Internal bleeding
  • Concussion
  • Internal Organ damage
  • Facial injuries
  • Loss of limb or digits

Louisiana requires motorcycle drivers to take a State-sponsored rider education course. However, other states may waive the on-cycle skills test if you’ve already taken and passed a State-approved course. Either way, completing a motorcycle rider education course is a good way to ensure you have the correct instruction and experience it takes to ride a motorcycle. For the motorcycle rider-training course nearest you, call the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at (800) 446-9227.

Motorcycles and Big Trucks

Sometimes, motorcycles are part of a big truck accident. When an 18-wheeler and a motorcycle collide, the results are often catastrophic, many times leading to a wrongful death claim.

Motorcycle accident claims are time-limited; therefore, you should contact us immediately after a motorcycle accident personal injury.

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