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The laws governing personal injuries that occur on navigable waterways are often completely different than regular State or local laws.  This practice area is often complicated, and the attorneys representing the defendants in these cases are experienced law firms with vast resources. Attorney Ed Kramer has experience helping people who sustain injuries on the river.

If you experience a personal injury while working on the River,  you may need someone who can help you level the playing field so that you can have a fair chance.  If you need help because you sustained a personal injury on the river, contact the Personal Injury Law Firm for a free consultation.  Ed Kramer has experience in Maritime and Admiralty personal injury claims and wants to help you with your injury on the river.

A history of working with Maritime personal injury law

Attorney Ed Kramer has been working with maritime personal injury law cases since, as a law clerk and then personal injury attorney, his first case occurred in 1989, which involved a tanker on the Mississippi River which caught fire.  Since that time, he has seen many different types of accidents offshore, on the river, on the docks, and in the marshes.  Ed can also assemble the right team, if necessary, to get the best results under maritime personal injury law.  This includes the association of additional attorneys to advocate for your rights if needed.

Are You an Injured Deckhand?

Ed has been involved in many admiralty and maritime personal injury cases since then, representing victims in incidents ranging from push boats, barges, tenders, line boats, harbor tugs, pipe barges, barge tenders, commercial and recreational vessels and more.

How are Admiralty and Maritime laws different?

Maritime law, also called Admiralty law, is different because the regular State courts often may not have jurisdiction over people who are operating on navigable waterways.  A Federal body of law was established to protect and support those who choose to make a living on the open water.

Different laws are regulating personal injuries which occur on navigable waterways, such as river injuries.  For instance, crew members on boats may not be allowed to sue for Workmen’s Compensation, but under The Jones Act. This Federal Law allows, in some instances, individual workers to recover from their employer ALL damages, including medical bills, time off from work, and pain and suffering.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) is a different Federal law that protects some maritime workers.  Sometimes we even need to hire vocational rehabilitation experts services when employees have been disabled as a result of their maritime-related work, to prove and demonstrate future wage losses.

Many cases are in-between and are disputed as to which laws apply.  This is why your choice of a lawyer is an important one.

The name ‘Tug Boat’ is synonymous with the relatively smaller, but very powerful, vessels for their size. ‘Push Boat’ or ‘Tug Boat’ is used to tug or pull vessels that cannot move by themselves like disabled ships, oil platforms, and barges.

Along the Mississippi River and other inland waterways, it becomes exceedingly difficult and dangerous to maneuver large barge tows in crowded waterways. Faulty equipment, human error, and other factors are often contributing factors to an injury on the river.

Why choose Personal Injury Law Firm?

Baton Rouge Admiralty & Maritime personal injury attorney Ed Kramer has experience handling  Admiralty, and Maritime law claims.  He has personally handled cases that resulted in substantial settlements and verdicts for his clients.

If you choose Personal Injury Law Firm as your attorney for your injury on the river, we will fight just as hard for you as we have fought for our other clients.  And, often, we will work with our associating attorneys to help you get the maximum possible under the law.  Call today to see if we can help you.


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