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How many personal injury attorney TV commercials have you seen that feature a lawyer’s picture, the word “Injured?” and a phone number? Every town and city has them – only the names are different. How do you know who to call?

Attorney Ed Kramer and the Team Approach is a different type of law firm and offers what we believe to be a far better legal experience. After almost 30 years of personal injury law practice, Attorney Ed Kramer knows it’s time for something better than the traditional, sometimes frustrating, personal injury claim experience.

He knows how to win, and make your involvement with the justice system a better experience than you may have had before.

Rather guessing what lawyer’s name sounds best, what lawyer ad is the funniest or most clever, we offer a solution: – one place for great legal talent, attention to YOUR case, and the desire to maximize your claim’s value.

Most personal injury victims want a lawyer who is professional, thorough, understands their needs and will return their phone calls. The Personal Injury Law Firm will help you achieve these goals.

We work with some of the very best expert witnesses, medical professionals and trial attorneys to make sure that you are satisfied with the handling of your case. By pursuing justice, we can often achieve the maximum monetary result for your personal injury case.

We aren’t trying to get every case – or settle your case – in a cookie-cutter fashion. Why did Forbes Magazine say that insurers like the heavily-advertising law firms known as settlement mills? Read more here.

Law as a Profession or an Advertising Business?

Personal Injury Lawyer Ed Kramer is dedicated to the integrity of the legal profession. Our clients are our first responsibility. Insurance companies are in the business of making money by (1) charging premiums and (2) paying nothing or as little as possible to personal injury accident victims.

Many insurance companies are happy to pay out a small quick check to ‘get rid’ of a claim. Many personal injury victims want more than that – they want their case to be fully understood. Our Baton Rouge Personal Injury Law Firm wants to serve you – the client – in helping you maximize your injury claim’s value by understanding it fully.

Most often, serving our client involves working to maximize their settlement or trial verdict through sheer hard legal work.

Some studies have shown that the settlement process – even with a personal injury lawyer – can be a traumatic experience. Much of this comes from the client feeling that they are not involved in their own case, the lawyer won’t return their phone calls and more. The Personal Injury Law Firm recognizes this and offers you quality legal services for the same contingency fee.

Top Talent, Attention to Details. All For Your Personal Injury Case. handles your claim differently than many lawyers.

Imagine that you were an insurance claims adjuster.  Which case would you pay the most money toward, to avoid an even bigger loss at trial? Claimant “A” or Claimant “B?”

Claimant “A” has retained a top-rated attorney, who has affiliated with other attorneys who are noted for their success and experience in the field of the injury. Claimant “A’s” case is supported by:

  • Eyewitness statements;
  • Expert medical tests;
  • The complete medical record including chart notes, reports, visits and testing;
  • Past medical expenses;
  • An expert medical report stating a dollar amount for future medical needs;
  • Accident reconstructionist’s report, placing 100% of the blame on the at-fault driver
  • Expert economist’s report detailing the past and future wage loss;
  • A vocational-rehabilitation expert whose report details future job prospects;
  • Computer-aided animation demonstrating liability and medical damage;
  • A Trial Team willing to take the case to court.

You also have Claimant “B.” Claimant “B’s” case is supported by:

  • The accident report;
  • A doctor’s written report;
  • Copies of medical bills;
  • The client’s statement that they are hurt and feel pain.

Think about if you are the insurance adjuster – which case would get the most money, assuming the same injuries? Although the use of experts, if any, vary in each case, the idea is the same – Personal Injury Law Firm wants to earn our legal fee by providing quality legal services to help YOU maximize your case.

There is no secret to maximizing a client’s case value – it’s just hard work, effort and a desire on the part of the client and the lawyer to recover the most possible.

We Work With Experts in The Field of Your Personal Injury

The distinctive Logo / Firm Name is a U.S. Registered Trademark as is the phrase “Go For More.” This will allow us to bring the brand of quality legal services to other Trademarkpersonal injury victims and attorneys Nationwide. Law Firm has one attorney, Ed Kramer, to oversee your case; and, affiliated with experienced attorneys in YOUR specific area of law. No more wondering, unreturned phone calls, and fear of not being taken seriously by the insurance company.

In the near future, we hope to bring to more and more cities Nationwide to help more and more personal injury victims achieve the most for their case. personal injury law firmBaton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyer

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